Featured Photographer – Chrisal Chris

1. Tell us a bit about the image?
We walked in the forest with the model, when we saw this bench in the middle of the road. Just the place was beautiful with the dead leaves all around. I turned around the bench looking for the right position for the light and the background. I positioned the model and I took 3 pictures to have the good one

2. What inspired you to take the shot?
Our theme was, at the base, a session in the forest with the colours of autumn in the style that I am fond of which is the sweetness and valorization of the model. The place was really appropriate.

3. What gear did you use for the shot including lighting?
I used a Nikon D850 and a Sigma Art 135 mm 1.8 lens. Iso: 250 – F2.2 – 1 / 160s Natural light only

4. Tell us about the editing process?
I opened the Raw with Lightroom and proceeded to the different settings of contrasts and brightness. Then on photoshop, skin retouching, work on the colours of autumn with saturation, selective correction and brightness. I voluntarily more exposed the face of the model to contrast with the warm colours of the forest.

5. How does this piece reflect you as an artist?
I do not feel like an artist. I do not have that pretence. But when I take a picture I must feel an emotion, the model must be valued. I like people to feel the same way by looking at my photos


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