When You Don’t Book the Job

Throughout my time creating this blog, I’ve spent a lot of time writing about all the things models do. Today I’ll write about the things models want to do…but don’t. The runways they wish to walk, the garments they want to wear, and the brands they want to represent. Today I’m going to write about the callback that never comes.  Today is about the times a model doesn’t get the job.

Model: Ashley BeLoat – @ashleybeloat
Photographer: Dan Mahar – www.danmaharphotography.com@dan_mahar

The inspiration for this topic comes from a recent personal experience. I was contacted by a designer in London who had come across my work. She asked for my size and availability the date of her show, asking me to be the showcase model for her collection.

For a US citizen wanting to expand my work into the European market this was already a dream come true, but it didn’t stop there… The designer asked me to walk a live wolf down the runway. A wolf that had been published in Vogue.

I was in shock.

After an hour-long video meeting to make sure she was for real – and she was – I quickly applied for my passport, fronted the rush processing fee, and cleared my work schedule for the entire weekend of the fashion show.  I allowed for one or two extra days of shooting should the designer need me. A few days later the designer informed me her accountant did not agree to pay for my flight as promised. I was told she would try again and get back with me “by the end of the week.” The week left…another came…and my email remained unanswered.

I had lost a job I had never even applied for. The biggest, most monumental job of my life. What I had previously thought was impossible, became just within my reach…then taken away.  I was crushed.

Model: Ashley BeLoat – @ashleybeloat
Photographer: Dan Mahar – www.danmaharphotography.com@dan_mahar

Rejection is a major part of the modeling industry. There are countless jobs available, and only so many potential candidates for each one. Of those candidates, only one will receive each job.  That is one model who lands the position among all the others who don’t. Statistically speaking, models will receive more rejections than callbacks.

To be successful, models must realize that “no” is a word they are going to hear. It’s a word that will close some doors and reduce their possibilities. It’s a word that might hurt…but has to be heard. However, it’s also a word that should elicit excitement. Why? Each and every rejection is one “no” closer to the next “yes.”

You won’t always land the job. But if you continue to work hard, you’ll be the perfect muse for someone else.  Continue to model in a way only you can. Stay true to yourself and be irreplaceably authentic instead of a replaceable imitation.  Develop your own unique style and continue to share it with the world until you earn your next callback…  Then begin the cycle all over again.

Ashley BeLoat
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Model: Ashley BeLoat – @ashleybeloat
Photographer: Dan Mahar – www.danmaharphotography.com – @dan_mahar
Peacock Party Dress: Xiaolin Fashion Designer – @xiaolindesign
Hairstylist: Gretchen Gramlich – @gdoeshair
Makeup Artist: Briana de Bengsen – @beautybybriana


  1. Will LeBlanc on October 25, 2018 at 2:04 am

    Well done!
    Nice pics too!
    Will LeBlanc

    • Ashley BeLoat on November 19, 2018 at 4:49 pm

      Thanks, Will! Our fields are full of ups and downs — very rarely a steady slope. We have to take all the dips in stride and keep our heads up — only then can we be prepared when we rise up again. <3

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