Featured Photographer – Elena Mikhailova

1.    Tell us a bit about the image?

This photo was taken as part of my Workshop in Voronezh. When I come to my Workshop in this city, I always involve a well-known stylist in this city, who always comes up with interesting images. This is such a beautiful image she created for this model. I really liked the idea of such an unusual headpiece. Combined with a very beautiful model, with beautiful facial features with an unusual headdress I thought it would be interesting. My task was to emphasize this beauty with light, I used natural light from the window, a plain beige background. I wanted to get a sensual emotion. That’s what I worked on.

2.    What inspired you to take the shot?

Mi sono ispirata alla bellezza della modella, sono molto appassionata di ritratti femminili, mi piace scattare immagini insolite e accattivanti. Mi ha ispirato il lavoro dello stylist che ha creato questa immagine.

3.    What gear did you use for the shot including lighting?

I shot on a Canon R6 camera with canon 135mm lens, I used natural light from the window and the backlight was directed at the heroine from behind, in the form of a photographic torch

4.    Tell us about the editing process?

There is not much processing on this photo. I worked with the skin of the model, made it smoother, removed small defects, also worked with toning on the photo, and added contrast.

5.    How does this piece reflect you as an artist?

I propose to answer this question not just about this work, but about my work in general. I use Artistic Composition in photography to create harmonious and visually appealing images, similar to the way a painter places elements on a canvas. Photography is closely related to the play of light and shadows. I use light to create mood, to emphasize textures and shapes, much like a painter does with brushes and paints. I use a colour palette to convey the emotion and atmosphere of the photograph, similar to the choice of colours on a painter’s canvas. A photograph can tell a story or convey a certain message, just like art. Just like art, photography can evoke emotion in viewers. A great photographer is able to capture moments that inspire, touch, shock, or make you think.

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