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In today’s world, we have so many brands that are coming out with Softboxes. Which makes it harder for photographers to choose which brand and the type of softbox that will suit your needs. I had purchased the Magmod Magbox Pro-Kit earlier in the year and want to share with you my experience with the mag box especially on real-world scenarios.

One thing I have seen people ask on social media is whether the Magbox is worth the money or not. For it definitely is worth the money especially with the easy setup and the versatility it has. Been a wedding photographer where you are always on the go you want to spend less time setting up a softbox and flash and have more time to shoot. The Magbox does just that giving photographers a quicker and faster setup for run and gun situations, using their magnetic system to set up everything without losing time and having an assistant with you You can use either 2 x Godox ad200 or 2 speedlights with the magbox. I have created the above video detailing the setup of the magbox for those who are interested. One thing I love about the magbox is been able to use in the most difficult situations where you can’t use a light stand and having an assistant holding it for you.

The magbox comes with 2 types of diffusers, it comes with a soft diffuser which gives you the same effect as a normal softbox giving that soft light spread onto your subject.

And a focus diffuser which focuses the light controlling spread giving you the effect like a grid.

I have started to use the Magbox in my newly built studio which is 3m x 6m. For me, this size studio is perfect for what I do. In a recent shoot, I was using the magbox to do some headshots and play around with shadows. Below is an image to show what my actual studio looks like and the space I was working in using the Fox backdrops (if you use the discount code hanna20 for 20% off). I am still finishing the studio off with painting the walls but that is a story for another day.

I talked about the two types of diffusers that come with the magbox. One was the soft diffuser, where it gives more of a spread of light but giving that soft light to fall on the subject. Here is an image where I used the soft diffuser.

Sony a7rIV + 135mm f1.8 GM – ISO 100, f8, shutter 1/250. Flash – 1/16

But I didn’t want a lot of light to fall onto the backdrop I wanted to play more with the dark shadow, so I changed to the focus diffuser and a darker grey backdrop with some light grey in it. This allowed me to have the light to only focus on the model and a little light spread on the background. Here are the results, these images are edited in Luminar 4 using the new AI Portrait. I will be doing a review on that soon so stay tuned.

Sony a7rIV + 135mm f1.8 GM – ISO 100, f8, shutter 1/250. Flash – 1/16

The above image shows the BTS of my set up using the magbox, I had 2 x Godox ad200 with the magbox. Using the modelling light on both lights helping with giving a live preview of where the light will fall which makes it easier for me to play around with the light and shadows. I had raised the softbox high facing down on an angle.

Here is another image where I was playing around creating Rembrandt lighting, which is my most favourite lighting technique.

Sony a7rIV + 135mm f1.8 GM – ISO 100, f8, shutter 1/250. Flash – 1/16

Here are a few more images I captured in studio with the same setup

Sony a7rIV + 135mm f1.8 GM – ISO 100, f8, shutter 1/250. Flash – 1/16
Sony a7rIV + 135mm f1.8 GM – ISO 100, f8, shutter 1/250. Flash – 1/16

One thing I would love to see Magmod do is to create larger softboxes and a bracketing system so I am able to use the Godox ad400pro and Godox ad600pro with their system. Having the MagMod Magbox for a while I really do enjoy using it that I have not touched my other softboxes. Only type where I would resort to my other softboxes is when I want to use my Godox Strip Box and the 48inch octabox.

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