Featured Photography – Mary Bel

1. Tell us a bit about the image?

The title of this image is called “Freedom”. It is a self-portrait. I use photography to help convey a message. I find using myself as the subject in the messages has become a manifestation of the thoughts and feelings I observer due to my inner growth and self-awareness.

2. What inspired you to take the shot? This image was shot in a photo studio (KDS One Studio in Orlando, fl) against a white wall. I was renting space in the studio for a different project, and decided to take a quick self-portrait in between clients. I used a black table cloth as a cape, and as the self-timer triggered the camera shutter, I flung the table cloth in the air behind me. I captured several images of the table cloth flying in the air behind me. This would come in helpful during the post-processing.

3. What gear did you use for the shot including lighting? Nikon D5300, 35MM Lens, tripod, shot against a white wall.

4. Tell us about the editing process?

I love playing in photoshop and I used a Dispersion technique in photoshop to give the illusion of the birds forming into human form. I created all the shadows using several curves layers. I changed the background from white (how it was originally shot) to a light yellow. I added a subtle gradient to the background to give it a bit of dimension and interest.

5. How does this piece reflect you as an artist?

As an artist, we are often influenced by others. As humans, our subconscious is moulded by our parents or adults in our lives who influenced us in so many ways. We grow up to be adults with the imposed perception of ourselves and the world engrained in us. This image is about breaking free from those imposed ideologies and being brave enough to embrace your freedom. It’s about evolving into a person whose mind is open to embracing who you really are. You discover who you really are, because it makes you happy and brings peace, thus freeing yourself from those preconceived notions, customs, and habits.



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  1. Linda Mckelvia on November 7, 2019 at 2:36 pm

    Mary Bel, I applaud you & your artistic expressions. It’s a pleasure to follow you. To have read how your creativity becomes art & what motivates your inspirations for these great pieces of art is speaks volumes of the importance of being true too one self. 💜

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