Featured Photographer – Miguel Quiles

1. Tell us a bit about the image
I shot this image while teaching at the Photo Plus Expo 2017 in NYC. I was showing the differences between what a photo looks like being shot at higher f-stops verses using HSS as I did in this photo.
2. What inspired you to take the shot?
The model was styled and so I simply asked her to go through a series of different looks where she would act as if the lens was confusing and intriguing her. We ended up with this.
3. What gear did you use for the shot including lighting?
Sony A9 + Sony 85mm 1.8FE F/2, 1/1600, 100 (HSS) Lit: Profoto 5ft Octa + silver reflector below for fill
4. Tell us about the editing process?
The image pretty much looked this way straight out of camera, so basic adjustments were made to correct exposure and add color toning to the shot.
5. How does this piece reflect you as an artist
It reflects my love of closely cropped, intimate portraits. It draws me in as a viewer and I always hope it does the same for others.
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